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Features for hybrid working

Team Tracker brings together hot desk booking and whereabouts to help teams plan their working week

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See across a company who will be in the office

Having this visibility lets you better plan team workshops or chat to the right people outside of an organised zoom call.

Hot desk booking: Manage office numbers and space

With so much shared desk space it can be a real issue for companies and teams to manage space.

Team Tracker lets you quickly see how many desk spaces are left on a given day and lets people plan accordingly.

Example User interface of Team-Tracker showing how many hot desks are available in an office.

Work Planner: Everything on a single page

Work planner brings together everyone’s movements, holidays and their teams events for a quick and simple overview.

Team holidays: Keep track across teams

It sounds simple doesn't it, but it can be hard to keep an eye on your team's holidays without manually looking through emails or adding up calendar invites whilst other holiday systems can be archaic and difficult to use.

Team Tracker just gives you two important numbers.

How many holidays have your team members taken and how many do they have left for the holiday year?

Integrates with your tools

Update once and update everywhere.

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