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See who's in the office, who's travelling, who’s at home and holidays across multiple teams.

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Day to day whereabouts of your team

Designed for teams with flexible work patterns in mind. Team tracker brings hot desking and flexible working together into one simple solution.

Graphic showing how Team Tracker presents flexible working

Super simple setup lets you create and manage teams instantly

Team Tracker is designed for teams who haven't got time for complex training or set up. Give it a try and see how easy it is to create and manage teams.

See across a company who will be in the office

Having this visibility lets you better plan team workshops or chat to the right people outside of an organised zoom call.

Sync to Outlook, teams and Google

Set a weekly process for your team to fill in their whereabouts for the upcoming week. Team Tracker will then update your calendar for you, but the best part is, other teams can see this without having to share your calendar.

Give HR a view on hot desk allocation

By setting whereabouts teams provide the company with a range of useful information. Maybe the office is under utilised or over utilised? Using Team Tracker gives you visibility of this and helps you plan accordingly.

Example User interface of Team-Tracker showing how many hot desks are available in an office.

Mark big team events

By adding big events to the Planner view your team can arrange their weekly diary to match. Two day workshop planned?... No problem, add it to the Team planner and make sure your team know to come into the office

Graphic showing how Team Tracker presents a Wall planner

Integrates with your tools

Update once and update everywhere.

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