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Work planner

Plan work across multiple teams and see availability, projects and deadlines all in one simple view.

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Easily add projects, deadlines, workshops or notes for teams

Organising multiple teams has never been easier. See dependencies, see availability, see it all with the work planner without paying a fortune for complex project management software.

Designed for simplicity

Keeping track of projects is often made more complex than it needs to be. Team Trackers built in work planner pulls together the key information you need but is often so difficult to get hold of. How many people are off this week in Team A and does this affect Team B's deadline?

Everything on a single page

Wall planner brings together everyone’s movements, holidays and their teams events for a quick and simple overview.

Spot capacity issues before they affect your project

No more asking other teams to fill in a spreadsheet or manually asking people to add holidays to a calendar. Team Tracker does it all for you. Make planning simple.

Integrates with your tools

Update once and update everywhere.

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