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Team holidays

With a powerful sync to Outlook, Teams and Gmail, keep track of holidays for you and your team.

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Make holidays visible to the whole company

Most employees add holidays to their work calendars despite already having holiday software linked to payroll. Team Tracker works with Outlook and makes those holidays visible to the whole company so planning becomes much easier.

How many holidays has Bob taken and how many does he have left?

It sounds simple doesn it but it can be hard to keep an eye on your teams holidays without manually looking through emails or adding up calendar invites whilst other holiday systems can be archaic and difficult to use.

Team Tracker just gives you two important numbers.

How many holidays have your team members taken and how many do they have left for the holiday year.

Example interface of Team-Tracker showing ease of use for Holidays.

No more excel spreadsheets for holidays

Keeping track of remaining holidays can be a pain. Team Tracker makes holidays simple. Set a holiday year and Team Tracker will do the rest!

Let other teams see your holidays and how it affects their deadlines

With the work planner your holidays are added to a forecast view. This lets all teams know your availability so you and and your team can plan work.

Integrates with your tools

Update once and update everywhere.

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