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Manage hot-desking

So your team know when to come into the office and what seats are available.

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Set up multiple offices, floors and areas simply

No training required, super simple set up lets you manage your office space effectively. From small companies with a single space to enterprise companies with multiple offices, Team Tracker has you covered.

Give teams visibility of when to come into the office or work from home

Keep a track on how many are in the office and find out before you head in if there is a seat for you!

Set up areas for teams, allocate perm desks or hot desks

By allocating areas, team members can easily see if they are going to be sat with the right team.

Reports on desk utilisation lets you optimise your spaces

Maybe an area is under or over utilised. With team Trackers reports you can quickly see whether you need that extra office space or not with precision.

Example User interface of Team-Tracker showing how many hot desks are available in an office.

Integrates with your tools

Update once and update everywhere.

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